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Water Sports

Binder provides the ideal solution in damp / wet and salty environments as well as against the influence of UV rays.


The combination of Klettostar® Superhook and Klettostar® Loop is the best solution for all water sports. These products can be sewn or applied by high-frequency or ultrasonic welding.

Application Examples

Winter Sports

Binder fastening systems are ideal to use outdoors, even at very low ambient temperatures.

Sports Shoes

Binder Kletten® fasteners are ideally suited to sports shoes even in extreme situations.


Whether in wet, muddy, hot or cold conditions, Klettostar® Superhook demonstrates steady performance thanks to its special textile construction. Special finishes for ultrasonic and high-frequency welding guarantee secure fastening to the base.

Application Examples

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Functional Wear

Binder Kletten® hook and loop fasteners are extremely efficient. They withstand numerous opening and closing cycles and show high resistance to humidity, moisture and UV rays.


Klettostar® hook and loop products are sewable, high-frequency and ultrasonically weldable. The products are also available in a self-adhesive version. 

Klettostar® Superhook is recommended for extreme hot or cold conditions. 

Klettolastic® the elastic version ensures a perfect closure during movement and is particularly suitable for stretch fabrics.

In combination with a special, washable velour, Klettostar® LS (Light and Soft) forms a soft, fine and resistant closure, especially for lightweight clothing.

Application Examples